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ABRAHAMIC COVENANT- CAPT Identity of God’s people, as revealed in the study of God’s Covenant with Abraham.  It traces Abraham’s descendants through the formation of the tribes of Israel, their captivities and migration to their Celto-Saxon appointed lands. (booklet 48 pgs., S. B.)           2.50
Qty ABRAHAM Father of Many Nations – JOHNSON (P.B.) (Biblical novel) An unforgettable saga of Abraham from birth through maturity from the Bible and Book of Jasher.  Add Science and a novelist’s license for captivating reading full of action, drama, and history.  (400 pgs. fully ills.) €15.00
Qty ABRAHAM Father of Many Nations – JOHNSON (H.C.) Same As Above, in Hard Cover. Sold Out €25.00
Qty ANGLO-SAXON HERITAGE CHART 18”x 24” in color: Traces the genealogy from Adam through Abraham and sons of Jacob.  Gives complete genealogy from Judah and the Royal House of David through the Irish, Scottish and English monarchies to Queen Elizabeth II.  €6.00
Qty ASSYRIAN INVASIONS & DEPORTATIONS OF ISRAEL- THOMAS Study outline of the 4 invasions of Israel by the Assyrians, followed by 3 groups of aliens resettled in the land of Samaria (48 pgs., S.B.).    €4.00
Qty CELT, DRUID AND CULDEE – ELDER A study of Celts, Druidism: its  origin, teachings, and authority, and the Culdee transition of Druidism into Christianity (167 pgs., P.B.) €8.00
Qty The COMING OF THE SAINTS – TAYLOR History and tradition combine to give us a picture of the earliest missionaries of the Christian faith to the southern part of France (Franks were Celts).  We find many well known characters from the New Testament who sowed seeds of the Gospel to the peoples of Provence  (274 pgs. P.B.). €11.00
Qty DAN – PIONEER OF ISRAEL – GAWLER An 1880 reprint of the Tribe of Dan’s early enterprises and their settlements and connections with the Scythians.  Traces the Danes of Scandinavia, Ireland and Scotland back to the Tribe of Dan (40 pgs. S.B.) €4.00
Qty DEDICATED DISCIPLES – STOUGH wandering tribes of Israel are followed to their locations and identity when the disciples began their journeys to carry the Kingdom Message to the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel,”as so commanded by Christ (176 pgs., P.B.) €8.00




HEIRS OF THE PROMISE Story of Abraham’s kin: God’s promises to them, and where America fits into the picture. (28 pgs. S.B.) €4.00
Qty ICELAND’S GREAT INHERITANCE – RUTHERFORD Shows Scripture parallels between Iceland and the Tribe of Benjamin.  Makes a strong case for Iceland isolated and prepared for a special purpose (40 pgs., S.B.)   €4.00
Qty JACOB’S PILLAR – CAPT The “Stone of Destiny” is traced by cumulative evidence revealing the fate of the Bible’s most famous stone – that which Jacob rested his head upon the night of his famous dream (96 pgs., P.B.) €6.00
Qty LOST CHAPTER, ACTS OF THE APOSTLES – CAPT known also as the “Sonnini Manuscript gives the account of Paul’s journey in Spain and Britain.  It covers a portion of his 2 years enforced residence in Rome (32 pgs. S.B.). €4.00
Qty LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL STUDY MAPS – WALSH Set of 4 with 35M word text abounds in little known historical facts showing how ancient Israel became the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic and Scandinavian people. €10.00
Qty MISSING LINKS DISCOVERED IN ASSYRIAN TABLETS – CAPT a study of the origin and history of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” with the aid of archaeological evidence (256 pgs., P.B.) €11.00
Qty ORIGIN & EARLY HISTORY of CHRISTIANITY in BRITAIN – GRAY presents the evidence that St. Joseph of Aramithea established the first Christian church in Britain between 36-39 AD (136 pgs., P.B.). €10.00
Qty OUR GREAT SEAL – CAPT Symbols of America’s Heritage and Destiny reveal a deeply religious and supremely spiritual truth (96 pgs. P.B.) €7.00
Qty POST CAPTIVITY NAMES OF ISRAEL – GOARD This book identifies the names by which the people of Israel were known when and after they were carried away into captivity (128 pgs., P.B.). €8.00
Qty PREHISTORIC LONDON – GORDON analysis of prehistoric remains: sanctuaries, artificial mounds and scientifically constructed astronomical circles that bear witness to Britain’s early culture & religion (176 pgs., P.B.) €7.00
Qty ST. GEORGE – GORDON Life of George of Lydda.  Presents best authenticated record of the history of the knights of St. George and Britain’s Great Order of the Garter instituted in his memory (144 pgs. P.B.) €8.00
Qty ST. PAUL IN BRITAIN – MORGAN That St. Paul planted Christianity in the British Isles over five centuries before the arrival of St. Augustine is well documented from little known sources (128 pg.s, P.B.)       €6.00
Qty STRANGE PARALLEL – KOPPEJAN Many scripture passages indicate that the descendants of Jacob’s son Zebulon are found today in the Netherlands.  The dying blessing of father Jacob foretells it (96 pgs., P.B.). €7.00
Qty SCOTTISH DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE “Scotland’s most precious possession.”  Letter from King Robert the Bruce of Scotland to Pope John the 22nd.  Also known as the Declaration of Arbroath, it alludes to the origin of the Scots from the “Lost Tribes of Israel”



2 for price of 1

Qty STONEHENGE & DRUIDISM – CAPT the origin, purpose, and the builders of this pre-historic monument are revealed (96 pgs., P.B.) €7.00
Qty TRADITIONS OF GLASTONBURY – CAPT The silent years of Jesus, 12-30 and the historical record of Joseph of Arimathea, great uncle of Jesus, provincial Roman Senator and metal merchant (136 pgs., P.B.) €9.00
Qty TRACING ANCESTORS GREAT BRITAIN & AMERICA: ISRAELITES About Caucasian descendants of 12 tribes of Israel.  Old Testament prophets had much to say about America (214 pgs. P.B.) €10.00
Qty TRACING OUR ANCESTORS – HABERMAN The “Golden Age” of Phoenicia, Druidic Britain and Ireland, Throne of David, U.S. in prophecy, location of Noah’s Flood, and the “Covenant Race” (186 pgs., P.B.) €9.00
Qty UNCOVERING the MYSTERIES of YOUR HIDDEN INHERITANCE – BALAICIUS Exhaustive research shows connections of modern Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic nations to Israel tribes (192 pgs., P.B.) €14.00




WESTWARD TREK MAP Full color, 33.5”x 24.5”: Shows migrations of “Lost Tribes of Israel” from Holy Land through Europe and the Isles. €7.00
Qty The Spirit of the American Revolution Booklet: Video transcript, shows evidence that God's law was what they fought for. 25 pgs. €4.00


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